Why do I love photography?

Since I was a teenager, I've wanted to capture memories.  I wanted to make sure that as I grew older, I would remember all of the good times I'd had.  Most of all, I wanted to remember the people that had shared these good times with me: my friends and family.

When I take a photo, I'm not really taking it so that I can go home and enjoy it the same day.  Admittedly, my memory isn't great, but I can still remember what happened a couple of hours ago.  When I take a photo, I'm taking it because I know that when I'm old and grey, sitting in my rocking chair by the fireplace with my slippers on and a tartan blanket over my legs, it'll remind me of the moment I pressed that shutter button.

When I look at a photo, I don't just remember the event.  It might have been taken on a day out with my wife and kids, or perhaps a family holiday.  For me, a photo reminds me of how I felt when I took the photo.  A picture allows me to re-live the feelings of that moment- usually just plain and simple happiness.  This is why I love photography.  I find it fascinating how an image can cause such strong emotions in a person.

Turning Pro...

Over the years, photography became something of an obsession for me.  My camera became an extension of me and I took it everywhere I went (and I still do, by the way).  I was always trying to learn new techniques, and try new ideas.  I was continuously trying to improve my skills and always striving to get that perfect image.  As my skills improved, and the quality of my images got better, I found more and more people asking me for favors- a family portrait, a new born baby, a wedding.  So the change from hobbyist to semi-pro was a very smooth and natural transition for me.

The Next Step...

I've recently decided that the time has come for me to take that next step and officially start my own photography business.  Full disclosure: photography is only a part-time job for me!  I do actually have a day job that pays the bills (finance... mmm...).  That's why I can afford to set my prices lower than my competitors- I'm not trying to pay my mortgage.  Any money I make from photography goes straight back into buying new equipment or improving my service in some way, so that the next client can be even more impressed.

If you've made it all the way down here then I take my hat off to you!  I imagine I lost a lot of people when I started talking about my rocking chair in front of the fireplace.  But not you- you're one of the good ones.  So go on, head over to the contact page, type my number into your phone and press the call button...